Reviews – an update

I’ve been lax about updating the site here for a terrible length of time. I also dropped off in terms of reviewing horror games. I see that the last game review I posted here was Kraven Manor. This reminds me I should find out if the college-created developer Demon Wagon is doing anything else.

I have now started posting reviews to Fextralife again. Up to last year, I’d post a review there, then re-post here (with their permission, they are the copyright holder of course). I am now not sure that’s helpful. So going forward I’ll post reviews there, and update on my general thoughts here.

Since waking up from my chaos year, I’ve reviewed:

The Darkness Within:

Until Dawn:



As I look at the Steam library I have accumulated, it seems to me it’s a good time to be a fan of horror games.

Well…let’s see.

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